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The ACHIEVE ARCHERY PROGRAM provides recreational archers an immersion into various forms of Archery at a deeper instructional level than our public lessons offer. Our Archery Exploration Program is intended to serve archers of all ages, all archery discipline and provide in-depth, hands-on instruction in a group setting. Archers young and old can pursue archery simply for fun or as a serious competitor. This program serves the archer seeking to advance their recreational archery as a hobby and provide a platform of preparation for those seeking more serious competition later.

Before exploring specific disciplines of archery like 3D, Field, Target, Hunting and so forth. We root the archer in a strong foundation of proper safety, proper form, and proper archery etiquette. Our program serves as a safe, structured environment for the recreational archer to grow and achieve with the sport.


Foremost, we promote safety. All archers will be given strict safety instruction on the proper use, maintenance, and operation of the equipment they will be using, be it Club provided equipment or their own. Instruction of proper shooting safety, range safety, and club/range rules will also be given, and these rules will be strictly enforced.


All of our instructors are Certified USA Archery Instructors. As part of that certification all of our instructors are required to pass a background check and SafeSport™. Learn more about SafeSport at http://safesport.org/.

Archers will be given instruction of the proper way to shoot in the discipline they desire. To enhance the archers interest we also expose them to other disciplines of archery, and equipment. Other disciplines include Indoor Target Archery, 3D Archery, Field Archery


We provide a safe structured environment with a regular progression of skills and knowledge. Unlike our public lessons which tend to be geared for introduction to archery or the more casual shooter not seeking that structure progression.

Our program is divided into levels 3 levels. These levels are taught via 6 week sessions, meeting once a week. Each level is meant to provide a progression for your archer to give them increasingly more in depth instruction. What’s the right level for you?

  • Level 1 – Has attended one or more public lessons and is hooked on archery! Wants to learn more!
  • Level 2 – Has attended Archery Exploration Program Level I or can demonstrate proficiency that’s above a Level 1 shooter. Has good basic form, understanding of archery, would like a structured program to grow as an archer
  • Level 3 – This is for our more advanced recreational archers. Archers seeking to fine tune their shooting but minimal desire to enter a competition oriented program like JOAD.


Each 6-week session is full commitment to the 6 weeks. The cost for 6-weeks = $90 per archer and $45 for each additional family member and a $180 maximum per family. (All families must be directly related and belong to the same primary family.)

Archer Fees: Archers are expected to pay for the full 6 session in advance.

If an archer inquires about the program after the 2nd class of a 6-week session starts they will need to wait until the following 6-week session. Archers starting on the 2nd session: $80 per archer, $40 for each additional archer – $160 max per family.

No further prorating is offered.

 Fees include:

  • Instruction
  • Target Faces
  • Awards
  • Club Equipment use if necessary – archers are expected to provide there own arrows – 6 arrows minimum.


Attendance is expected for the full 6 weeks. Should an archer miss more than 2 sessions due to illness or injury (verified by medical reports) they can make up the sessions when they are able to return to shooting.


Each Session is 6 weeks. meeting 1 day per week for 90 minutes. Please see registration page for exact dates and times.