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The sport of 3D Archery is a form of Target Archery where archers shoot at life-sized foam animals. Here at the club we offer 3D archery both indoors and out. In January we host an indoor 3D league with 15-19 animals since the weather outside rarely cooperates. From March through August we offer 7-10 Outdoor shoots with 30 animals.What exactly is it?

Can I do it?

Unlike other courses in the area 3D Archery can be participated by anyone at any skill level. 3D Archery can be set in the woods, fields and sometime even indoor ranges. The goal of 3D Archery is having the ability to guess how far away the target is and know where to shoot to achieve the highest possible score.

3D Archery is compared to golf… but with a bow

In Golf you generally need to know of far the hole is to choose the right club. In 3D you have to guess the distance and shoot to get the highest score. This means you stand at a designated stake in the ground and try to guess how far the target is. You then take your shot trying to score the highest possible points. As in golf, if you guess the distance wrong you will probably not score as well. In golf the lowest score wins, in 3D the highest score wins.

Target Scoring in 3D Archery

Each 3D Target will have a set of scoring rings on it. New Castle 100 Archers using the IBO scoring method (except during select money shoots). The smallest circle (Usually located at the very center of the heart of the animal scores 11 points, the next ring is the heart, 10 points, the lungs and other vitals are 8 points, the body is 5 points..


Generally, the 3D Archery will shoot at various animal shaped targets. These are close to life sized animals. The types of animals will vary depending on the club. You may see everything from Antelope, Deer, Sheep, Hog, Javelina, Skunk, Moose, Elk, Cougar, Bobcat and much more. Our club as an “IBO Club” affiliated with the International BowHunters Association, accordingly we use their 3D target of choice – Rinehart.Types of Archery Targets

Archery Skill Levels Required

3D Archery has many classes for different skill levels and equipment. Even beginners and children can have a lot of fun in this sport. The Archery equipment you use, is the deciding factor on how far away your targets will be. An example for bowhunter class it 35 yards and under.

Which 3D Archery Class do I belong in?

However, there are some general classes. The closest stake to the target is for the Youth and traditional archers stake (16 and under) set between 15 & 25 yards, followed by the bowhunter stake set between 25 and 40 yards, with the open class shooting at the metal numbered stake up to 52 yards away. Indoor is a totally different story. Our indoor range only accomdates a 35 yard shot at best. It is made more difficult with very close shots, and very tight shots created by obstacles. We have a set time for adults to shoot and another for youths. Each group of animals is set up accordingly.

What about guessing yardage in 3D Archery

Guessing the distance is probably the number one skill in 3D Archery. In unmarked 3D Archery, you must guess how far the target is in order to make a high scoring shot.

The above was adopted from http://www.3dshoots.com/3d-archery.html September 2014