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Leagues and Programs


New Castle 100 Archers hosts many different kinds of leagues for arcs of all skill levels. The first and most important goals of our leagues are to have fun and be safe. Competition plays a large part in the success of our sport. You do not have to be Robin Hood to participate in a league. Our event coordinators will work with you to ensure you are placed in a league that will be fun and fits your interests. New leagues will be added as demand builds. The three typical leagues we offer are Youth League, Adult Vegas League, and Indoor 3D League (Youth & Adult).

Youth League

The club hosts Youth League twice each year. Youth Leagues are open to all shooters under 18 years of age. The league runs 8-10 weeks with two groups and tends to be on Sunday mornings. A 20 yard group will usually meet first, followed by the 10 yard group 90 minutes later. These competitors will shoot 10 rounds of four arrows each at a standard 40cm FITA target face. Every time we host an event it is a little different, yet we always tend to reward the kids with a medal, trophy, pizza party, and things of that nature.

Adult League

Don’t let this name fool you. While these leagues are frequently filled by adults, we have many youth shooters that compete in them as well. The league runs 8-10 weeks and is typically on a Tuesday or Thursday evening. It is shot at 20 yards using a Vegas 3-spot target. The number of arrows changes from time to time, but is usually a 300, 450, or 600 point round.

Indoor 3D League

The club hosts Indoor 3D League at least once each year during the winter. The league runs 8-10 weeks with two groups and tends to be on Sunday mornings. Adults typically meet first and will shoot 30 arrows at 15-18 life-sized foam animal targets. The distance is limited to fit within our 18 lane 30 yard indoor range. After the adults finish, we move the targets closer for the youth shooters. They too shoot 30 arrows at 15-18 targets.